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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Sneak Peak

We had a really productive Saturday again and I'm getting very excited as everything is coming together. You'll get more revealing pictures in a few weeks!
Enjoy these for now.

The cabinets

The counter top

The floor in the kitchen and bathrooms

The red wall

The master bedroom (before final paint)

The ensuite tile

The office/spare room

Sierra's room

The doors.

The floor


Tammie said...

i love the floor. and the red wall. and the counter tops.

come work on my house won't you?


Carol said...

It looks awesome! Can't wait to see photos of the finished product. Good choice on the doors...we have the same ones ;)

Tania said...

Oh gosh Looove the floor! :D
Hope all goes well with you!
Love xx