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Monday, January 12, 2009

19 Days...

It's late and I'm wishing for my bed but I'm waiting for Trevor to get home from working at the house and there's nothing even remotely worth my while to watch on TV.
It's 19 days until our move in date and they will be the busiest, most hard working days of this entire venture. We can do it if we work tirelessly on the house every possible minute - hence Trevor still there at 10:30 P.M. - and nothing else goes wrong.
(Knock on wood - I hope I haven't ruined everything by saying that!)

After two major meltdowns last week, one completely sleepless night, and a good talk with Trevor I think I'm okay. The end is so near I'm already planning how I'll arrange my kitchen! I suppose you could say there might even be a glimmer of excitement. It helped that we had a very productive Saturday with a new sense of teamwork and resolve to get this thing done.

I've pretty much selected my window coverings - a lovely pale, off white, woven fabric with a light tan thread throughout in Roman shade's for the main area. Basic, room darkening roller blinds that I'll dress up with curtains for the bedrooms. The price astounds me but I don't really like anything else.

The closet shelving people came today and oh, the possibilities! I've got this awesome walk-in closet that lends itself to oodles of great organizational possibilities. After living in chaos for over six months the idea of organizing sounds heavenly!

We hired a painter and she starts tomorrow. The lino is in and looks pretty good. The cabinets are all in and I LOVE them! The window and door trim is all on and painted and looks as good as we had hoped.

19 days folks! If you don't hear much from me - that's why.

As a break, Trevor, Sierra, and I also had a little family outing yesterday. We went swimming, then for fries and ice cream at McDonald's. It was a great little reconnect for the three of us.

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