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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To Sing

After a two year hiatus I get to sing again. 
A good friend of ours has formed a short-term choir (eight rehearsals and one concert) and I am thrilled to be able to be a part of it.
I have been singing for as long as I can remember.  Growing up as part of the Mennonite Church surrounded me with rich wonderful music for much of my life and had a vital part in instilling the love for singing in me.  Choirs were always being directed and I was always a part of them.  The greater Mennonite Church community even has a province-wide annual music weekend called "Songfest" where, yes, many of us would get together and sing! 

 As much as I enjoy singing, my voice has never been likened to that of an angel or anything. 
I'm no soloist.  In fact I get scared spitless when it's just me and I sound like I've never sung a true note in my life, and I definitely have no hankering to be on American/Canadian Idol or anything!  Fortunately, get me singing with someone else - even one other person - and I do manage to carry a tune and not cause those around me to shudder and cover their ears. ( I hope so anyway, no one has actually said...)
 After practically a lifetime of singing I quit just before Sawyer was born.  Pregnancy affected my breathing and since breathing is kinda integral to singing I struggled.  My voice was starting to cause those around me to cringe so I stepped away.

Sawyer came along and life naturally became busier and more complicated.  Add to that an already busy schedule and limited singing opportunities and I never managed to rejoin our church choir or a worship team.  This past fall I really began to miss it.

Now, thanks to this friend, I get to sing again!  Historically a high soprano, I croaked my way through the first rehearsal, apologizing to those in front of me as I worked on evicting the frogs who'd set up house.  My voice remembered how to make a sound that resembled singing by the second rehearsal, however any note remotely on the higher side refused to come out.  Yesterday was the third rehearsal and I think the frogs have finally left their residence in my throat (they'd had it good for two years I don't blame them for resisting!) because it mostly felt like I could once again sing.

Maybe by next week I'll even be hitting those high Bs!

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