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Thursday, July 14, 2011


We have temporarily vacated our home and province and trekked out west.  Already half-way through our holiday we are having a geat time.

What I have learned:
A 14 hour drive with a 16 month old is not pleasant.  Try as I might to entertain him Sawyer complained loudly for a good portion of the drive.
 I can't wait for the journey home.

A sippy cup does not fair well after being throw off of a seventh story balcony and landing on concrete.  Sawyer spontaneously decided to engage in that experiment while we were enjoying an ocean view from said balcony.

My kids can sleep in (7:40) if you run them ragged enough during the day!

Vacations are not for sleeping if you are an adult with kids.  Catch-up evenings with old, dear friends take care of any thoughts of going to bed at a timely hour, then the kids ensure mornings come well before your eyes want them to.  
But it's all worth it!

Humidity can made 18 degrees Celsius feel much warmer.

Jogging is easier at lower altitudes.

Sierra holds a mini-golf club like a hockey stick and the number of strokes is of no concern as long as the ball goes in the hole.

Sawyer loves watching fish of many varieties in large fish-tanks.  He squealed and pointed and was totally enthralled during our outing to the Vancouver Aquarium. 
 (We thought he would be bored and just want to run!)

I've known this for a long time but with each visit I am reminded of how special and fortunate it is to have a great relationship with Trevor's parents - my in-laws.  Their love for our children and us is very evident.

Talk to you on the other side - with pictures!

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