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Monday, May 25, 2009


Sierra has discovered slides this spring. It began with a little one that was given to us. Then her Granny and Papa introduced her to the ones at the park one evening and opened up a whole new world to her.
Since our weather has finally gotten warm Trevor and I took her to the park yesterday to experience the joy of "wees", as Sierra calls them, ourselves. It was so much fun to watch her. Playgrounds to two-year-olds are like amusement parks to adults!

We started small with the yellow one in the background and worked our way up.
I'm impressed my butt fit on the blue one!

The spiral slide was actually rather slow and it's allure didn't last long.

The tunnel slide was by far the favourite!


kraftykash said...

How nice for all of you that it is finally warm there.She looks so cute on the slides. The tunnel slide pic is my favorite

Tammie said...

those spiral slides are always such a disappointment.