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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Trevor and I went to a movie last night. We rarely go because of the astronomical price of admission these days but we received a bunch of gift certificates for Christmas and they must be used! It is also our 11th anniversary today so we were celebrating that with a night out while Sierra was at her grandparent's house having a blast.
As we were sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to begin Trevor and I noticed two little kids also in the theater. One was maybe a year and a half and the other 4 or so and they were with their mother and grandmother.
We paused our conversation, looked at each other and raised an eyebrow.
Why would logical people bring little kids to a late showing of a movie meant for adults? (The movie we saw was the new Star Trek by the way, absolutely fabulous!) Yes, it was a weekend but I believe most toddlers are in bed well before midnight when the show would be over - or is it just our toddler and the kids of people we know? Besides, they couldn't possible understand the movie in the least bit - or do they have genius children? How about disturbing fellow patrons - most kids don't have the patience to sit for 2 1/2 hours (unless they fall asleep or are sedated) so will likely be talking and moving and have to be brought out once or twice. Finally, what a complete waste of money - maybe they were rich but still!
Wouldn't hiring a babysitter be a better, more relaxing use of the same money?

when I went to the bathroom right before showtime I noticed not one, not two, but four babies of various ages!
Were we the most cautious homebody parents ever after Sierra was born or are are these people a little crazy? I mean, yeah, babies sleep a lot and could quite likely be fine but with a baby you would have to count on the possibility of leaving theater at some point. Again I say, not worth the cost of movies these days to risk missing some of it.
Parents do what parents do. I learned right away after Sierra was born that everyone has their own way, and I respect that. I'm sorry, this is one thing that does not make a lick o' sense to me.


Tammie said...

i totally agree. while i love being with my kids, i also love being able to get away from them for a while. there are only a few places i can do that: the movie theatre and the beauty salon.
even if i really really want to see a movie, if i have to take the girl with me, id rather not go. (the boy is ten, so he really isnt a problem.) i would rather just wait for it to come out on dvd. i 100% agree with you.

Jen's Farmily said...

I agree also. If I was in a situation where I had to take my hypothetical children, I just wouldn't go.

kraftykash said...

We are too cheap to even think about the movie theater, besides that when we used to go my hubby would always fall asleep. Happy Anniversary!