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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bad and The Good

So I wrote this long, blathering, whiney, "poor me" post yesterday.
I decided that I wouldn't subject you all to it but is was a great way to get some thoughts off of my chest.

I will, however, provide you with an overview:
In short, I haven't been feeling especially happy lately.
It feels like everyone around me is in a similar state of mind and since misery loves company I joined in. Work has been a major downer and that brings back thoughts of "I wasn't even supposed to have to work at this point in my life, Trevor should be, finding child care is a pain.. yada yada". I also think that no matter how good moving into our new house has been and is, it is still a change and an adjustment and not as easy as one would think. My 'friend' situation was making me sad. I really, really, really, want a holiday where Trevor, Sierra and I can reconnect as a family and there's no hope of that until maybe summer. I'm feeling run down and desperate for some fun.

At the end of said depressing post I determinedly added some blessing that I have because that's what I do and it makes me feel better:

1. On the days I have to work coming home is extra special: Sierra's face lights up when she sees me and she races over to me with unrestrained enthusiasm and flings her arms around me in a hug. I love her so much and she is a such a joy to me.

2. Singing: I am making some small progress in my technique through voice lessons. As a result I am really enjoying choir and being a part of a team that leads worship at church.

3. My house. It is so nice to just be in my own brand new home and really like it.

4. At least Trevor and I have jobs and can live quite comfortably even if money is strictly budgeted.

5. My awesome husband who loves me and hasn't complained about me being a downer lately.

6. The friends I have are great and the times we get together are quality. Life is busy and I know frequency is hard to attain.

7. Knowing Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and having that hope. If you're a believer you understand, if not and you're curious please ask.

8. Having outlets like this to vent on and people like you to read!

I woke up feeling much better today and had a great morning which included coffee with a friend and a wander through the mall.


kraftykash said...

I think feeling down kind of goes with this time of year. Hang in there..things will get better. As far as a family there something fun you can plan to do for a day there in town. Maybe make family homemade pizza together. Try it! Its lots of fun!!

Carla said...

I strongly suspect that you are right about this being a down time of year. Thanks for the family fun advice - we love pizza!